Mrs. Poucheau



A woman who lives in a limbo between reality and her thoughts. Between life and death.


Mrs. Poucheau

«Some other times I just stare at the tea spoons.

They surely are to stay there forever.

Thought I may die one day, and end up wherever you are, and we will stare at them together.»


«But sometimes…

and just sometimes,


I see you smiling at Mrs. Poucheau again.

And sunset goes back to beautiful.

All in all I gather that twilight never comes twice the same day.

But in certain occasions it surely does.

You did not know that,

but it happens from time to time.»


making off
Mrs. Poucheau
Idea, direction & edition
Amanda Lago
Diego Aldabaldetrecu
Art Direction
Isis De Coura
Raúl Ferrer
Cachito Noguera