Background Noises (2019)

Ruidos de fondo[Background Noises] (2019),  developes a bestiary of exhaustion, of the frustration and the alienation to which this depraved and obscene world has subjected us. It is a visual catalogue of all those who move below the surface of normality and routine, that end up practically hidden under the opaque mantle of the contemporary maelstrom, and that could decide to end that suffering at any moment. Like the arcana that depicts a person hanging from a rope, like a modern Prometheus condemned to the vermin devouring his viscera, the artist suffers a mortal wound that can only be healed, in part, by this heroic act of struggle and resistance that culminates every time they produce and share one of their works, those that heal them, but that also prepare their entrails for the carrion birds’ nocturnal feast: “Get Your Guts Ready”. by the curator Fernando Gómez de la Cuesta.

Piezas visuales para la exposición La Cuerda Tensa, la vida como último espacio de resistencia.



Vagabundos, ascetas suburbiales, filósofos de bar, ausentes, extravagantes…

amantes de la espera de lo que nunca llega.

grabación & edición
amanda lago

For Jorge García, the estrangement of the social tinges the family memory”. It is precisely his mother, as his only homeland, who sews the flag that is the sum of all those places where Jorge Garcia is and was: a flag titled Patria Madre [Motherland] (2019), that appears stuck in the wall with the knife that the artist usually carries between his teeth, the one he uses to defend himself and repel that rancid and reactionary patriotism that emerges as a synthetic ideology of the cowardly, the intolerant, the ignorant and the prejudiced.

grabación & edición
amanda lago


Vídeo original 2018

¿Cuánto aguanta un cuerpo esperando?

¿Cuánto tarda en enfermar?

¿O ya estaba enfermo?

¿Y cuánto tarda en sanar?

¿Un cuerpo sana mientras espera?

¿Un cuerpo que espera, vive?

¿Está viva la persona que espera?

Porque yo siento que estoy muerta